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University of North Korean Studies Library

The University of North Korean Studies Library was established to provide educational and research support related to North Korea and unification studies. Here you will find not only rich selection of social science resources, including nearly 60,000 books and 600 periodical publications but also specialized search engine to facilitate searches to guide your research.  You can freely read any materials of your interest from the bookshelves. Furthermore, the library is connected with the Kyungnam University Central Library, providing access to incredible array of information resources, academic databases, and digitalized data.

Library Hours :
- During the semester: Mon.~Fri. 09:00-21:00 / Sat. 09:00-21:00
- During the interim period: Mon.~Fri 09:00-20:00 / Sat. 09:00-17:00
- Current M.A. or Ph.D student
- Staff of associated institutes
- External users are able to access materials inside the library
General Materials :
- Students, faculty members, and staffs of associated institutes may access the materials for reading, borrowing, and/or photocopying.
- External users are able to access materials for reading and photocopying inside the library
Special Materials :
- The user's ID and purpose must be provided first before gaining access to these materials.
- Users with a recommendation from an administrative or public organizations may be allowed to photocopy
Services :
- Perusal is allowed after verification of identification.
- Photocopying is available for a nominal fee.