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Title Review of North Korean Studies, Vol.24, No.2 Published Date 2021.09.01
Type [News]

1. A Study on Kim Jong Il’s Leadership Succession Process: The Supreme People’s Assembly Election in December 1972
Kim, Sangbum(Kyungnam University) 

2. Understanding the Changes in Power Relations in North Korea through the Discourses of City Beautification of Pyongyang: Establishment of Kim Il Sung’s Monolithic Rule between 1953 and 1970
Lee, Jong Kyum(Seoul National University) ·
Jung, Hyunjoo(Seoul National University) ·
Kim, Heejung(Dongguk University)

3. A Comparative Study on the Middle School Physical Education Curriculums of South and North Korea: South Korea’s 2015 Revised Curriculum and North Korea’s First Comprehensive 12-year Compulsory Education System
Choi, Jin Hwan(University of North Korean Studies)

4. North Korea’s Agricultural Policy and the Direction of Exchange and Cooperation in the Kim Jong Un Era
Choi, Hyun-Ah(Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea, OJEong Resilience Institute of Korea University)·
Kim, Kwan-Ho(Korea Rural Community Corporation)

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