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News & Events
Title Review of North Korean Studies, Vol.23, No.3 Published Date 2020.12.31
Type [News]
1. North Korea, Kihl-jae and I
Yi, Dae-keun (Woosuk University)
2. A Dialogue Between 25 Years: The Late Professor Ryoo Kihl-jae and the People’s Committee
Kang, Eungcheon (University of North Korean Studies)
3. Stalinist Origin and Political-Economic Characteristics of Kim Il Sung’s Thesis on Formative Operation of the ‘Law of Value’
Yoon, Cheol Gee(Seoul National University of Education)
4. Forecasting the Demand for Primary and Secondary School Teachers in a Unified Korea
Kim, Hyunchul(Sungkyunkwan University)· Lee, Woo Young(University of North Korean Studies)
5. A Discourse Analysis of Power in North Korea after the ‘Arduous March’: Revolving around Michael Mann’s ‘Economic Power’ Model
Jung, Ho Kyun(Dongguk University)
6. Party Policy Slogans and Middle School Ethnic Music Education in the Kim Jong Un Era
Bae, Ihngyo (Gyeongin National University of Education)
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