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News & Events
Title Review of North Korean Studies, Vol.23, No.2 Published Date 2020.09.01
Type [News]

1. The Growth of North Korea’s Spontaneous Pseudo-Entrepreneurs and the Characteristics of Their Informal Networks
Choi, Bong Dae (Independent Scholar)


2. The Zhūzǐxué Approach-DPRK Children’s Literature Research Methodology
Ma, Sungeun (Zhejiang Normal University)


3. North Korea Fake News: Type, Distribution, and Counterplan
Yang, Moo-jin (University of North Korean Studies)


4. A Study on the Social and Cultural Changes of the Mass Game in the DPRK —Focusing on ‘Arirang’ (2005) and ‘The Glorious Country’ (2018)
Jung, Haeyoung (Yonsei University)


5. The Utilization of Electronic Music Bands in North Korea-Japan Relations
Ha, Seunghee (Dongguk University)


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