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Title Review of North Korean Studies, Vol.23, No.1 Published Date 2020.05.04
Type [News]

1. ‘Our State First’ in North Korea: Reappearance of the State and the Ideology of
- Chung, Young Chul (Sogang University)

2. The Origin and Transition of the People’s Committee: The Relationship Between Sovereign and Administrative Organs in North Korean Political History
- Kang, Eungcheon (University of North Korean Studies)

3. Politics of Survival II: North Korea’s ‘Factory Society’ and Workers in the Period of Experimentation with the Socialist Enterprise Responsibility Management System
- Kim, Whasoon (Hanshin University)

4. From Mt. Kumgang ‘Zone’ to ‘Special Zone’ for Tourism: The History of Inter-Korean Conflict and Contact Points — the Rational Actor Model and Organizational Behavior Model
- Park, Jeong Jin (Kyungnam University)

5. Chinese Tourists’ Satisfaction with Pyongyang Tourism: Evaluation of the Ctrip Portal
- Kim, Han Gyu (Korea Tourism Organization)

6. Reconstruction of “Chosŏn-ot Tradition” in the Kim Jong-un Era
- Park, MinJu (Sookmyung Women’s University)

7. Teacher Reappointment and Retraining Experience of the Unified Germany: Lessons for a Unified Korea
- Kim, Hyunchul (Sungkyunkwan University)
- Lee, Woo Young (University of North Korean Studies)

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