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Korean National Community Leaders Program

Leaders Program for Unification Future brings together leaders and public figures from all aspects of Korean society to consider a question of inter-Korean relations and to cultivate understandings, strategies, and visions for the future of the unification.

This six-month program, with classes held once a week, is based on the most up-to-date academic information offered for specialists on North Korea. This program has a worldwide network under the Network Merits System to allow for an easier exchange of ideas and information.

Application criteria those who apply should hold high-level positions from the following areas: government; news and media; academic institutions; government parties; large industry; military; and public administration.

Special Program for Non-Degree Seeking Students
Basic Foundations General aspects of South-North society
Regular Program Strategies Focus on politics, economy, society, culture, and military
Comprehensive The vision of Korean national community leaders
Thesis Strengthen practical analytical ability
Specialized Program Seminar Focus on the current problems of South-North issues
In-Depth Training Simulation acts of South-North unification
On-Site Survey Survey of Panmunjum, Hanawon and other places of relevance
Comparative Surveys Survey of other divided countries such as Germany, Vietnam, and Yemen