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  • Politics and Unification
  • Law and Administration
  • Military and Security
  • Economic and Information Technology
  • Sociology, Culture and Media
  •  Unification Education
Politics and Unification

Through a focus on North Korean political structure and ideology, foreign policy and diplomatic relations, inter-Korean relations, and unification policy, this course will explore the promotion of peace on the Korean peninsula, the future development of North and South Korean relations, and policy programs that can lay the foundation for peaceful unification. Moreover, lectures on theories of policy making, unification, negotiation, international relations, and special theories on inter-Korean relations, will bring together theory and policy to cultivate professional expertise in this area of study.

Introduced major subjects

Theories of North Korean Politics
North Korean Politics
A Study of Korean Workers’ Party
South-North Relations
The Study of North Korean Elite
Study on KIM Il-Sung and KIM Jung-Il
Lecture in North-South relations
History of Korean Communist Movement
History of Inter-Korean Relations Research
Relationship between Political party Politics military of the North Korean
Northeast Asian International Politics
Theory of Foreign Policy in North Korea
Seminar on International Politics of Nuclear Power
Seminar on Unification and Diplomacy of the Korean Peninsula
The History of the Cold War and the Korean Peninsula
Seminar on the DPRK-China Relations
Political system of unification Korea
Case Study on Inter-Korean Dispute
Political economy of North Korean nationalism
Study of Current Issues in North and South Korea